Bonnets and Durags

Welcome to today’s edition of the KD Fashion Blog. Today, we’re discussing how to keep those strands in good shape and those waves still fresh using bonnets and durags.

Bonnet and Durag

You may have seen quite a number of people walking around or taking pictures with these fashion items, and it is safe to believe that they have come to stay.

Bonnets are more feminine in nature, but durags have put up a unisex front, with icons such as Teni making them rather popular.
Regardless of which one you prefer, we’ve got you covered.

A woman in a durag

So bonnets are usually worn when one wants to retain the moisture content of their natural hair or keep braids looking neat regardless. They are mostly made of silk or satin on the inside because it is harder for these fabrics to stick to your hair and cause breakage as cotton usually does or to make sure you don’t wake up with your pillowcase looking greasy and smelling like whatever you put in your hair.
They are a rather smart innovation.

There are different types of bonnets. The ideal thing to do is to get a bonnet you find pretty. You can have an African printed bonnet or a plain silk or satin bonnet.

Even though bonnets are usually worn indoor, it is a plus if you get one that blends with your skin tone. Just in case you decide to take snaps right out of the shower or want to really capture that ‘just woke up’ look.

Durags have become necessary to ensure that waves stay beautiful. Some people wear them to avoid combing their hair, and yes, we see you people.

It is very important to take a second look at a Durag when wearing it outdoors.

Of course, as always, a black durag would go with almost everything you would wear. In the event that you decide to wear a durag with two colours, say, black and yellow, it is advisable to choose a color that happens to match with or blend with your clothes.
You do not want to be walking around looking multicoloured.

However, it is important to remember that durags do not look too good on everyone. You might want to consult a couple of mirrors before completely deciding to wear that durag out.

So, whether it is a durag or a bonnet, the idea is to pick a print you’re comfortable with, or a color that blends well with your clothes and your skin.

(And please, try not to wear a bonnet outdoors, it is really not that cute).    Durag