How to Enter the New Year

It is the last day of the year, and what better way to spend it than discussing your look for 2020? You may have started your list of resolutions and gotten stuck on the way, but the KD Fashion Blog is here to remind you to place your wardrobe at the top of the list.

The saying ‘you will be addressed by how you are dressed’ has a lot of truth to it, everywhere around the world. What you are wearing greatly influences a person’s first impression of you, which would certainly affect how they relate to you going forward.

Today on the KD Fashion Blog, we are telling you to change your wardrobe to suit the brand you wish to be identified with in 2020.

If your plans for the new year include starting a reputable business, you definitely should be looking at changing your wardrobe either to suit the business’s brand, or to create the image of a professional which is very important to your clients. If you want to sell wigs and weaves this year, you certainly won’t be trusted if you are always walking around with braids. If you will be starting a swimwear company, you may need to strip and get into some of your apparel to show the general public that you believe in your brand, so that they can believe in it too.

What do you want to be remembered for? Is it for those red soles that really speak loud volumes of class? Then get them.

Do you want to be remembered for your wavy hair? You would need to invest in a durag to keep those curls in.

One thing you do not want to do is to be remembered as the girl with the messy hair, and so this is the perfect time to open up your pocket and invest in a bonnet or hair net or scarf for when you’re reclined in your bed.

Do not forget the most important accessory, a KD Watch, because wearing a (functional) and classy watch completes your outfit. It also sends a message to anyone watching that you mean business, and are not up for time-wasting, which really is a perfect look to begin the year with.