Must-haves for Your School Wardrobe

Hello loves.

The KD Fashion Blog welcomes you back to school with the fifth edition dubbed  ‘Must-haves for your school wardrobe‘.

This is a good read for all the freshers out there who may be heavily confused as to what to pack to university, as well as continuing students looking to revamp their image or their style.


The first thing you must have is official wear. This includes that beautiful suit for males and that dress for females that makes you feel like Jessica Pearson headed to court. It also includes that African print shirt (yes, formal wear can be African as well) or top for the females (the one you like wearing with your favourite pair of trousers).

Official Wear

The second outfit you should send to school is something casual. This includes that outfit you will feel free to go get some fries with; that polo shirt or halter neck that makes you look dope without even trying too hard.

Casual Outfit

Further, you need to have a sports outfit handy. You may have that flat tummy and think there is no need to carry biker shorts and a tube top to work that FUPA out. You may also think that you already have those muscles and the pacs that develop from hunger, but no. Having a sports outfit is necessary for those impromptu walks or aerobics sessions that pop up in school, or your faculty’s outdoor games.

Sports Outfit


Another outfit you need is an African print outfit, what we usually call ‘Friday wear’ -That off-shoulder African print top, or the round neck shirt with the African print sleeves. It also includes the African print shorts we like to wear to the beach and that African print skirt you like to twirl in with the black top. The thing about African prints is that they light up your world and add color to your wardrobe. A great addition to your closet, they are a beautiful way to represent your continent in your own small way.

Last but not least, you need to pack that outfit that you wear on a day when you are feeling lazy and just do not want to do anything.

Lazy Day Outfit

That tank top and shorts, or those sweatpants and shirt you would wear when you are stepping out just to get some food. Most of us disregard this outfit, however, it is very necessary. You don’t want to need to step out to buy eggs and have to put on your jeans and long sleeved shirt. Imagine how ridiculous you would look!

For footwear, you should have dress shoes (flat shoes for females and leather shoes for males) for when you look official, sneakers for sporting events as well as for days you want to look casual, and easy-to-wear footwear, like slippers, sandals or slides for when you just want to relax your feet. Other footwear may include heels and Birkenstock sandals.

Dress Shoes (female)
Dress Shoes (Male)

So that’s it for today’s edition, hope I have cleared your mind a little more about what to send to school this semester. Go out there and rock those clothes, and have a semester as beautiful as you!