Protective Hairstyles

A new year is about to begin, and your hair still doesn’t seem to be growing as much as you would expect it to. You may be increasingly frustrated about it being way too short for you to really have enough options to play with. Before you walk into that barbering salon and decide to go bald, you may want to read this article. If you’re hoping to see a drastic change in the quality of your hair next year as well, I will tell you what to do.

Today on the KD Fashion Blog, we discuss five common Protective Styles to try in 2020 to maximize your hair growth.
Protective hair styles perform the function of guarding your hair from damage caused by excessive manipulation in order to encourage growth as well as reduce knots and tangles which when combed out result in loss of handfuls of hair.

A common misconception is that protective hair styling means that you have to keep one hairstyle for up to three months, and well, you may be thinking, ‘Can’t be me’.

But today, I will show you five hairstyles that are not only in vogue, but will get you the results that you seek.

The first protective hairstyle you ought to try is the faux locs hairstyle. You may have noticed that quite a number of people have invested into faux locs this year. It is because not only do they create a temporary illusion of having locs, but they also ensure that your strands are in top shape because while they are on, you do not have access to your hair to do things like comb and recomb or pull individual strands out when you are nervous. Leaving your hair alone strongly contributes to its growth, and faux locs are a great choice because they look stylish, and you can afford to try a variety of colors and styles, whether neck length, waist length or mid-back length.

Shoulder-length Faux Locs

Crochet braids are a beautiful and innovative way to protect your natural hair. This requires very little manipulation of your hair. All that is needed are corn rows neatly braided which extensions can be crocheted into. Crocheted hair can be kept as for about six to eight weeks, and can be reused if you need to take them out to wash your hair. The good thing with crocheted hair is that there are a variety of hairstyles that are made into crocheted pieces, and so you just need to choose one you like.

Crochet braids

Cornrows are another great protective hairstyle. They keep your hair in rows of braids close to the scalp, minimizing access to it to freely manipulate it. There are also different types of cornrows, so that you have the choice of deciding whether you want all towards the back of your head, or the middle, to hold up in a ponytail.
An alternative to cornrows are flat twists, which involve twisting the hair in the direction you would have done with cornrows, only easier. The good thing with this is that they are easier to get done as compared to actual cornrows, and can be done with relaxed or permed hair as well.


Finally, you can opt for getting passion twists. Passion twists are gradually becoming very popular because they have a certain soft texture that curly hair lovers want. Depending on how tight or loose they are braided, passion twists will have you looking glossy. The plus side to having passion twists is not only that they are good for natural and relaxed hair, but also the fact that they can be washed and dried without having to worry about hair odour. This is why they can be kept for long and are a great option for protective style lovers.

Passion Twists

Protective hairstyles are important because they reduces the occurrence of breakage of your hair due to excessive combing and braiding, which will not only retard growth of your hair, but will curb your chances of retaining your hair length.

Remember, however, that it is not just the hairstyles that will maximize growth, but handling the hair right, eating good food to provide the body with the needed nutrients, using organic hair creams as well as maintaining moisture retention all come together to achieve that finish.